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Re: I cannot enter Game Genie Codes under Game Genie Tab and your system keeps messing with my entries
6 letter Game Genie codes should enter fine as Game Genie, but the 8 letter ones are too complicated to be decoded and converted to binary.
22018-01-07 20:25 UTC
I cannot enter Game Genie Codes under Game Genie Tab and your system keeps messing with my entries
No matter what I do, when I try to submit the Game Genie codes I have for the NES game Dragon Warrior, your system keeps saying "Invalid Game Genie code entered". So, I had...
22018-01-07 19:59 UTC
Re: ALIVE???????????????
Maintain it? Sure. I wanted to redo the whole site but it became such a huge project I got overwhelmed with it.
22017-10-19 18:40 UTC
Love this site...but does anyone maintain it anymore?!?!?!
22017-10-19 18:36 UTC
Re: about the raw cheats for znes snes binary codes
You enter the cheat codes into the cheat panel in the emulator. If you're not sure how, download the SNES9x file and use SNES9x. Instructions on SNES9x cheats are...
22015-03-30 14:43 UTC
about the raw cheats for znes snes binary codes
Can I get an explanation on how to use these codes please
22015-03-30 14:39 UTC
this site does NOT tell you how, neither does anything else looked up on the internet. i DLed a CHT file from this site and opened up SNES9X 1.53 and neither this site or snes...
12013-11-06 22:28 UTC
Re: CHT-files pack?
The SNES games already have a CHT file download. What other emulators support CHT files?
32013-05-08 16:26 UTC
Re: CHT-files pack?
btw, Super Nintendo was just an example. Of course I mean every system that you can download the cht-files for.
32013-04-30 01:34 UTC
CHT-files pack?
Hello. I'm new here, but I do have an opinion (*gasp* oh no, he didn't!). I think that it would be nice if you could download all the Super Nintendo cht-files in a single...
32013-04-30 01:32 UTC
Both versions of Megaman Battle Network 3 added
For those that wanted to cheat on battle network 3. Now both Blue & White are on cheatzilla now.
12013-04-25 17:01 UTC
Cool Adventure Time game codes added to Cheatzilla.
For those that have not heard of of this game this is it. Any Adventure...
12012-12-29 00:19 UTC
22012-11-13 17:10 UTC
Resident Evil 0 Mistake
Now when I added Resident Evil 0, by mistake I made it have a lower case r making the title "resident Evil 0". Cheatzilla mod can you please fix it to be "Resident Evil...
22012-11-13 16:36 UTC
22012-10-31 18:47 UTC
Little Help please
The game "Frogger's Adventures: The Rescue" is a Gamecube game, when I added it a glich happen and it changed to Game Boy Advance. Hey Mod of Cheatzilla could you please make ...
22012-10-31 16:09 UTC
Nintendo DS version of Chrono Trigger is now on Cheatzilla
For those that enjoyed the SNES Chrono Trigger now can enjoy the Nintendo DS version on For those that never played the DS version here is the games cover and...
12012-10-12 16:56 UTC
22012-09-30 15:02 UTC
Pokemon Emerald HELP!
I've added Pokemon Emerald but this website messed up and changed it to "Pok�mon Emerald". could you fix it to be Pokemon Emerald.
22012-09-28 22:25 UTC
Re: SNES Mega Man X1, X2, and X3 Full Health Codes
Your right I tested the codes and it is indeed a typo.
122012-09-18 18:03 UTC

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