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written by CheatZILLA Support; 2006-03-26 18:30 UTC

What's new is old again

So you're looking for another excuse to go out and buy yourself one of those spiffy Mac minis? Just playing DVDs and surfing the internet isn't enough to convince your wife to plunk down all that money when you've already got yourself a DVD player and a computer that seems to stay in the living room all the time? Well, how about if you could turn that new Mac mini into an old fashioned game console? Remember the days of Superman and Adventure on the 2600? Remember the hours of Metroid and Blaster Master on the NES? Did you ever finish those games? Nope? Well now you can!

You're probably asking (or being asked) why not get a console from a garage sale for cheap? You could probably pick up a console with a stack of games for $40 or less. Well, why did you rip all of your CDs to a computer in favor of iTunes and an iPod? With emulation you can not only have lots of games right at your fingertips, you can have lots of consoles too. Gone are the days of having stacks and stacks of cartridges all crammed into cardboard cases from canned cat food, picking over hundreds of games trying to find the one you want. No more wondering if someone borrowed a game and forgot to bring it back. Now you can just fire up a program and it's instant gaming bliss.

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