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Hints are user contributed and may or may not work for you. Whenever possible the hints have been tested. Some hints may work for some people and not others due to differences in game revisions or differences in hardware used to play the game. No guarantee is made for the usability of any hint.


Displaying hints for Super NES Final Fantasy III

    Find the Air anchor.
 Best (and fastest) way to acquire the air anchor is to have mog in your party equiped with the moogle charm. Go to the fanatics tower (the one where you are unable to use the fight and special commands) and climb up until you reach the first door. To the right of the chest, there is a secret invisible switch. Once pressed, leave the room and you will see a door one floor below the one you are on, the air anchor is in that room.
    Submitted by Gutsticker
    Tested by mknzy_of_calhoun and Shadow_2099
    get 4x the experience
 if you fight with one person in a group instead of four he/she will get all the experience when if you have four people it gets divided up!
    Submitted by zex
    Tested by 1mnfrkshw and dillpickle_101
    Get an extra ribbon
 While in the part of south figaro (during lockes personal scenario, after the first part of the raft scenario) where you get Celes (you know that little basement place) there should be a part going straight south that is completly back. Go down that hallway, and on the left side near the bottom is a secret passageway. If you just do your best to follow it you should come upon a staircase that will lead down moreso. You will find two chests, one containing an X-potion, and another containing an early ribbon! This is one of the best relics in the game, it makes you immune to all bad status, except for death sentence which I'm pretty sure it nullifies as well but I'm not sure...
    Submitted by superwavesmasher
    Tested by mknzy_of_calhoun and oj64
    Get the Paladin shield which absorbs all elements
 You'll need the ribbon and the curse shield. If you wear the two together for 255 fights the paladin shield will appear in place of the curse shield.
    Submitted by zex
    Tested by 1mnfrkshw and rahell12


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