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Cheats are user contributed and may or may not work for you. Whenever possible the cheats have been tested. Some cheats may work for some people and not others due to differences in game revisions or differences in hardware used to play the game. No guarantee is made for the usability of any cheat.

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Displaying cheats for Super NES Harvest Moon

Ann's love toggle
Submitted by Chrome Dragon
Early ending
When you write in your diary press l, r, select, and start at the same time. When you wake up your parents will be back.
Submitted by adrian
Ellen's love toggle
Submitted by Chrome Dragon
Eve's love toggle
Submitted by Chrome Dragon
infinite eggs
u must have at least 1 chicken. put in the walk through anything code. then go into the chicken house. stand on top of the egg and when u pick it up there will be one in ur hand and one on the ground, then of coarse u put it in the bin. repeat for as many times as u want. the eggs never run out. make shure u r totally on the egg or it won't work.
Submitted by gamewiz
Infinite Money Code
Submitted by NeoStar
Instant cow
Buy miracle pills and medicine for cows. Give the cow the miracle pills that make it pregnant. Then give it the medicine. In two days you have a baby cow. Its better than waiting half a season.
Submitted by adrian
Maria's love toggle
Submitted by Chrome Dragon
Marry fast
Answer a question from one of the girls. Run in to the nearest door. Do this all day. By the next day she'll want to marry you. Example: Ellen will ask do you like animals. Answer the way you think they want.
Submitted by adrian
Nina's love toggle
Submitted by Chrome Dragon
This code lets you duplicate items like vegetables, eggs, herbs and every other item, even store bought items (except milk and cakes you get from girls that like you).
First, turn on walk through walls (except plowed fields) code. Then go to the item you want to duplicate. Stand ON TOP OF IT but not right in the middle of it, try to be a little bit to the left or right our up or down. Pick it up and you'll have the item in your hands but there's another one on the ground! Use this to gain a lot of money by picking eggs or vegetables. This may glitch your field by creating another plowed area but just pick up a fence, put it on the plowed area, pick it up and it'll be fixed. Don't use near the house, barns, shed, wells, ponds, or grown trees in your field.
Submitted by JamesMeNo1
Binary (convertible) codes as:
Click here to download binary codes as ZSNES/SNES9x .cht file

Alternate walk through anything except plowed fields
Submitted by WolfCloud2
Buy something and your gold goes to 654850 and doesn't decrease when you buy anything. You can't gain any money while it's on.
Submitted by RedBawlz
Everything is free in the town.

NOTE:When the starting of the game you will get a watering can and a grass.Talk to every one in the town before taking the items.
Submitted by xzibit_xtreme
Full Hearts for Church Girl:
Submitted by doodleboy
Full Hearts for Drinks Girl:
Submitted by doodleboy
Full Hearts for Flower Girl:
Submitted by doodleboy
Full Hearts for Toolshop Girl:
Submitted by doodleboy
Get an eternal day (always 8 AM)
Submitted by Melle
Get On With The Game Faster.

When the guy takes you to town walk into the wall just below the bridge & you'll be sent home in his truck. You don't need to pick up those items that the people give you. They'll be in the shed/shack when you go there.
Submitted by Jack_Ta_Game_Ripper
Get unlimited corn seeds while code is on
Submitted by Melle
Get unlimited grass seeds while code is on
Submitted by Melle
Get unlimited potato seeds while code is on
Submitted by Melle
Get unlimited tomato seeds while code is on
Submitted by Melle
Get unlimited turnip seeds while code is on
Submitted by Melle
Inf. Water can uses
Submitted by Jasonmwhitesides
Infinite gold. You cannot buy something if it costs more than the amount of gold you have. Only turn it on when buying stuff or else you can't gain any money.
Submitted by RedBawlz
Infinite stamina!!!
Submitted by LiL WiLLy
It's always 8 am
Submitted by Chrome Dragon
Its always rainy
Submitted by Chrome Dragon
Its always sunny.
Submitted by Chrome Dragon
its always the second day of the month.
Submitted by Chrome Dragon
Its always Wednesday
Submitted by Chrome Dragon
Resistencia Infinita
Submitted by Andres_V
Start a new game with 500000 gold
Submitted by RedBawlz
Start a new game with 500000 gold (alternate)
Submitted by RedBawlz
start new game with 655350 gold
Submitted by super piccolo
Unlimited logs in stock pile.
Submitted by Chrome Dragon
Walk through anything except plowed fields
Submitted by WolfCloud2


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